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Solidworks in a place called Happy Valley?


Randall Bock – Happy Valley SolidWorks User Group Muggs Ferguson – John Ferguson Designs Timothy Theiler, CADDWorks Corporation Rich Hall – North Alabama SolidWorks User Group Greg Yohn – DesignPoint Solutions Jeff Beardsley – Prism Engineering Arthur Young-Spivey – CADD Edge Mike Sabocheck – SolidWorks Corporation Mike Puckett – SolidWorks Corporation Richard Doyle – SolidWorks Corporation

It is a full day stuffed with Solidworks goodies from 7:30am to 5:15pm. like Mold Design, Simulation, Drawing, Surfacing, Sheet Metal and more.

So why don’t you get registered (it is $40) fuel up the car, the plane, the train or whatever and we will meet there next week?

#HappyValley #Solidworks #UserGroup #TechnicalSummit #PennState

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