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Solidworks in a place called Happy Valley?

Happy Valley, who do not want to live there? or at least it sounds like it deserve a visit, right?. How about next week? June 16th at Solidworks User Group Networks Technical Summit on Penn State. With some of the names on the list, there should be no issue convincing the wife why you need to pack up the minivan and go on a 400 mile road trip.

Randall Bock – Happy Valley SolidWorks User Group Muggs Ferguson – John Ferguson Designs Timothy Theiler, CADDWorks Corporation Rich Hall – North Alabama SolidWorks User Group Greg Yohn – DesignPoint Solutions Jeff Beardsley – Prism Engineering Arthur Young-Spivey – CADD Edge Mike Sabocheck – SolidWorks Corporation Mike Puckett – SolidWorks Corporation Richard Doyle – SolidWorks Corporation

It is a full day stuffed with Solidworks goodies from 7:30am to 5:15pm. like Mold Design, Simulation, Drawing, Surfacing, Sheet Metal and more.

So why don’t you get registered (it is $40) fuel up the car, the plane, the train or whatever and we will meet there next week?

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