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SolidWorks Electrical Routing, When kicking it up a notch!

If the above picture seems familiar chances are you have been lassoed in for a routing demo, either your local reseller visited your facility, or you spend a joyful evening at one of the awesome SolidWorks User Group meetings. There is no doubt that “drag and drop” components from the design library mixed with easy route and wiring dialog boxes makes this package a great enhancement to SolidWorks.

But what when we need to go bigger… One thing that is sure about the engineering world is that the pushing the envelope is the fuel for success, and sometimes a quick “drag and drop” solution is kindergarden stuff. We need to grow up a little, a little more organized. As SolidWorks has been there through the years helping your 3D needs, this add-in also has tools to to wire you through bigger projects.

SolidWorks 2011 Routing got a new and improved Routing Library Manager. This is like a ticket office for you to take a ride on easy wizard controlled routing builder and organizers.

The idea is that you can setup, construct and edit components, cables and wires for your specific needs. Something that is pretty sweet especially if you stay connected to the fabiules internet, since your electric components providers has been very gentle by sharing a lot of 3D models on there websites, and of course SolidWorks own 3DContentcentral that is a heaven of 3D parts free for download.

I really like that you can export the custom made From-To list out to Excel, for then finish it there by adding Excel magic and pisace, and then bringing it back into SolidWorks for continuing the automation.

And with easy use menus you can quickly convert your electric madness to a flatten schematic for your drawing.

Conclusion… With an add-on that don’t cost more than many American households have budgeted for there kids yearly sports events, you surly do get some sweet tools to attack the job with the SolidWorks Routing package. I should add that this package also hold piping and tubing tools under the hood, something that could be fun to look into another day.

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