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Solidworks 2009 into MastercamX3

Not many hours goes by from I realize that a new download is available from Solidworks or Mastercam before it is installed on my work PC, not because I am a dare devil but because I kinda have sold myself to the boss as the “latest and greatest” type of personality. When MastercamX3 and Solidworks 2009 was installed I started importing files, and found the same problems I had reported as bugs to Solidworks back in MastercamX2 (Did not expect these fixed because I handed them in late) some of the pattern features would not show up in Mastercam. I found out that a lot of people have had serious problems with MastercamX3 and Solidworks 2009 running together, and supposedly the statement from Mastercam is that Solidworks 2009 actually official do not run inside MastercamX3 (Guess my little Dell Dimension 1 GB Machine, just felt sorry for me). But it can be fixed, it just take 5 min of manual labor from your side. When you installed Solidworks 2009 SWDocumentMgr.DLL was installed on your hard drive(This is the file MastercamX3 needs), you want to copy this file

and paste it into you Mastercam folder (rename the old one just for security matters)

That should do it, you have now done what Mastercam is going to do in there next maintenance release, pretty easy right?

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