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Smart Arc Dimension in Solidworks

Some kind of “Smart” dimension is pretty much standard in most CAD related software with respect for itself these days.

When sketching in Solidworks, dimensioning many times becomes a task of securing lines and arcs, if the dimensions are not going to be used on the drawing it easily becomes a 2nd down, boring but necessary task. Solidworks Smart Dimension lets you create different types of dimensions depending on where you click on the geometry, this can safe you a lot of time when creating and securing sketches.

In these examples it is contained to smart dimension a arc. How many types? I counted 6, how many other can you place? Rad

Arc endpoint distance 1

Arc endpoint distance2

Arc Center distance to endpoint

Arc Length

Arc endpoint angle

No more than a few clicks and you have created a handful of different dimensions, did I miss any? if I did please comment.

#CADCAM #Solidworks

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