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Should Mastercam "X" follow Solidworks"2009"?

The idea was posted on enhancement forum, that CNC Software would change the version name on Mastercam from X(+number) to “a” year like Solidworks and other CAD software does. To give a quick background on Mastercam version numbers. Mastercam ran a version going up to Mastercam9 that ran in a DOS environment, here is a screenshot of Mastercam8.

Then it was time to make the big leap to a new interface named MastercamX

Well some CAD people did pay attention in school and the number system of the great people of Rome, so MastercamX quickly became Mastercam10 in a lot of places, in the beginning this did not seem to bother people but as the subject regards to Mastercam11 was raised, so people on the inside began to let the air out that next version would be MastercamX1, MastercamX2 etc. As MastercamX3 has just been released the question has been requested that CNC Software changing the name from MastercamX4 to possible MastercamX 2009. Two reasons was brought up for this.

1) People care about this product, and just like there favorite car, they can not stand people don’t call the software by the right name. 2)By changing the name to MastercamX 2009 or totally taking the “X” out and making it Mastercam 2009, will make the name in the same category as Solidworks, Autocad even rival Esprit.

To me the whole thing comes down to what is the name chance do or not do for me as a user. Solidworks 2008 was send out in the fall of 2007, according to a lot of users this version was “worst ever”, a pre-version of 2009 there was released in September 2008. Could it be possible that because Solidworks are on a “yearly” schedule with versions, they felt it necessary to release 2008? When the company I work for decided to upgrade there Mastercam seats in December 2007 MastercamX2 was the current version, but MastercamX3 was promised to hit the streets early 2008. MastercamX3 was available for download in September 2008, and no one was really complaining. I know that maintenance is due yearly, and that management expect a yearly version, but us users knows that we have enough crap on our hands daily, it makes no sense getting un-tested versions on our desks, and we gladly would wait 18 months to get something actually useful. Are we really afraid that the software companies are going to stall on us for 6 months just because they can? as McCain would say “Friends” technology is moving so fast now a days, these CAD/CAM companies need to bring there best to survive.

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