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Play-Good Part2, Modify the part


So we got the part into Mastercam and now need to figure out how we want to go about machining this block. As I am sure you noticed I flipped the block upside down from how it was in Solidworks, not just because I am not sure you would have recognized that it was a Lego block, but also because it is going to be easier staging the block for second operation using parallels in a vise to rest the block on, and the thin wall attached to the center silo is going to prevent the block from collapsing from the pressure of the vise. I can almost hear the people at CNC Software chanting FBM (feature based machining) but sorry, we are going to do this “old school”. Lets turn this solid model into good old geometry, oh and by the way, Mastercam is layer oriented big time, use them.


Then turn the 1st layer of our solid off, and we got workable geometry.


#toolpath #Solidworks #Lego #CNC #Mastercam #CADCAM

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