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Picking and Choosing in Solidworks

When you are working in Solidworks you normally have a series of task and decisions on your mind in a desire to get your product moving forward. How to pick objects in Solidworks seems almost like frustrated wasted braincells when under pressure. However the daily stress set aside I think most users would agree that highlighting some of the different methods could be rather helpful. Here are a few of my favorites. Dragging a window

Dragging from left to right and the geometry that only are fully within our window is selected.

Dragging from right to left and the geometry that touches the window is selected. Selecting with transparency

Transparency is a great functions working with assemblies, holding down the “Shift” key will let you pick on the Transparent part. Ctrl Key

Using the “Ctrl” key when selecting more than one object for same destiny is a time saver. If you wanted to delete the 2 dimensions you could click 1 and press delete, then click 2 and delete. Using the “Ctrl” key you would click 1, then hold down “Ctrl”key and press 2 and then delete. Filter menu

With the introduction of the “S” key I have no menus activated, lets just say I like the space, but default F5 brings a very useful Filter command, great for selecting stuff like only lines or faces.

There are many different tools in Solidworks for picking and selecting, I hope there was one here that you might find handy today 🙂

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