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Pick your Editor and Post for Mastercam

When exploring a dark cave in real life a couple off items should be 1st. on your list, like a hard hat and a flashlight. When beginning exploring the dark caves of Mastercam Post modification a editor and the right Post Processor is the place to start.

Editor You will have to use some kind of editor to modify the actual post processor, more or less anyone will do. I prefer PFE32 c:\mcamx\common\editors\pfe

no matter which editor you choose I would recommend you place a shortcut on your desktop.

Post Processor In your c:\mcamx folder you will find folders for mill, lathe, wire and router, each of these folders contain a sub folder that is called “post”, this is where you find the post processor selection Mastercam comes with. However I will recommend that you go to Canadian reseller In-House solution and download there mpmaster post This post is based on CNC Softwares Mpfan post with additional features, this is the post I will be using here on Save the zip file and extract it to a folder on your desktop called “Mpmaster”. In the zip file you will find a PST file (Post Processor) a control file and one machine definition for horizontal and one for vertical machining center. Start out by making a copy of the PST file, and name it Mpmaster-*your machine name*-*your name*.pst, by adding your name in the end there is a smaller risk for someone messing with your post by mistake. Rule number 1 when doing Post Modification is backup backup backup, sometimes you end up going down the wrong tunnel and it is quicker recovery by throwing out 20min work and go back to last saved backup. In Mastercam go Settings=> Machine Definition Manager and load the MMD file you extracted from In-House Solution. In Mastercam go Settings=> Control Definition Manager and open up the control file you extracted from In-House Solution.


Click Post Processor in upper left corner and pick your downloaded Mpmaster post using “Add files” and click the “green” check mark.


In the drop down menu pick you post and hit the save icon in upper left corner.


Now we need to set this thing up so we actually can pick the machine. Go Machine Type=>Mill=>Manage list


In the upper left corner find you directory for the Mpmaster and choose you machine definition, and “Add” it to your Machine Definition Menu Items.


Now we should actually be ready to start thinking about posting and debugging, stay tuned………

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