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Maybe CAD/CAM companies are going to fast?

We all understand that advertising is necessary these days, and companies are paying big money for pointing there product to the right crowd. Kinda funny that major CAD/CAM companies like Autocad, Solidworks, Mastercam and Esprit are so focused on racing.


I know there are a hundreds cool moving parts, and I do find the above picture pretty awesome, but they are missing a very cheap and loyal resource …………. The user.

On the Mastercams forum people have been screaming for swag for years and they are ready to pay full price for it. Going to Solidworks User groups meetings you see peoples eyes getting bigger if there is a raffle for a coffee mug at the end. If I was a CAD/CAM company I would overfill the market with my logo stamped on all kinds of cheap plastic and polyester stuff, Oh Yeah people would wear it, it would be like having the “Network” all uniformed. It will have a greater influence on my next vote for purchase of CAD/CAM Software, when visiting costumers or vendors where they are happily advertising for there partner in there success than some sticker on a race car.

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