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MastercamX4 Live Tour…..eehhh..Seriously?

Alright, I really want to be on top of the wave about MastercamX4 being on the door step, but I can not link from this page without commenting about this “Live Tour” thing. Looking at what in my opinion is one of the worst attempt to get excitement rolling for a new software release.

Check out Mastercams MastercamX4 Live on Tour

Seriously, friends at CNC Software did you make this video to play on the big screen at a NASCAR race, or on a TV monitor in the back at my local auto part store? 1). The music just makes you scrabble for the mute button 2). Milling, Milling and Milling, one screen shoot from Mastercam that last 1 second, no picture or video of WEDM, Router, Lathe or Art? quick screen shots of the lengthy video there is linked to would have been nice. 3). “The lights dim. The stirring crowd erupts” We pay maintenance fee’s now for this software, I am looking forward to see what I get for the money, but I am not going to camp out in front of my reseller 48 hours before the release like a 13 year teenage girl at a Jonas Brothers concert.

I understand that this might was attended to be a low budget pre-press thing, and I really do not want to offend anyone at CNC Software, but I have a hard time using words like “Professional” or “Cutting edge” about a new product release after seeing this.

It need to be a little more class and thought next time if Mastercam want to be considered a professional high end product.

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