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MastercamX3 MU1 is ready for download

It was scheduled for October 31st but according to CNC Software they had some things they wanted this Maintenance Update release to include, and if you where current on your Maintenance agreement up to the month of October, you should be good to download from

Milling enhancement is accordingly to CNC Software. The new “Arc Filter” that was introduced in X3 is now default instead of 2nd option. “Feature Based Machining” will now let you sort operations. Increased spot drill size. Cutter compensation is added to peel mill.

Lathe enhancement is VTL Tool libraries in inch and metric Iscar tool library

The Adobe file at this point to me looks like it jumps over to the old “Whats new in X3” from this point, however I know from beta that a whole lot of bugs should have been taken care of. Lets the games begin so come on lets download and program.

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