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Mastercam’s MRU is for productive people

MRU=Most Reasonably Used, is a menu in Mastercam there as default is located vertically on the right side of the screen. You can set it up to remember the last 20 icons you have had activated. Making a habit of remember what functions you just have used, or with a quick glance you can pick up some productivity by using this menu.

Setting up 20 functions.

In system configurations =>Screen => MRU Options, you can make the number max 20.

20 functions activated in the menu

A function you did not have room for in you “right click” (link) menu, and had to dig through menus is now with you 20 functions ahead.

MRU as floating menu

As all menus in Mastercam it can easily be dragged around and either be attached horizontal, vertical or as here dropped in the graphics area.

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