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Mastercam Post Processor Intro

Time to introduce some post processor stuff on If you are a Mastercam user and find yourself on a regular basis editing your NC code manually, you need to consider changing the way you work.

The goal is to have every possible imagine custom switch triggered by the user inside Mastercam, without having to touch the NC code generated by the Post Processor. Every time you open up an editor to edit your code by hand you are one step closer to a crash. If you want to run more efficient in your shop, you need to have a Post Processor that works.

Some of the things we will be going through the following weeks will be:

<>Introduction to Mastercams new Post Debugger

<>Which Post should you choose

<>Add notes to help setup people and operators (My lead setup guy almost picked up my bar tap after I did this).

<>Setup a miscellaneous value so we can turn our chip conveyor on inside Mastercam.

<>Setup a miscellaneous value to activate our table probe, and then use miscellaneous real value to set a tolerance.

<>Have the Post Processor asking who the programmer for the specific job is.

There is not going to be any “Part1”, “Part2” but instead I will save upcoming Post Processor Blog Posts in the “Mastercam Post Processor” Category and give it a skill level, but do not worry, we are not going to start messing with your $15,000 spindle, we will start with something safe and easy.

1st. we need to understand the fundamentals.

Each operation you create in Mastercam generates a toolpath. The operation contains, in addition to the toolpath motion, parameter information such as tool descriptions, speeds and feeds, and more. This information is written to an intermediate file, the NCI file.

What happens when you post an NCI file in Mastercam, in simple terms, is:

<> The post processor reads the NCI file, translates the NCI data into NC output based on the instructions it obtained from the post processor file.

If you have any interest in this subject make sure you hit the big orange button in the upper right corner or email subscribe to this site.

More to come………..

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