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Let the SpaceMouse navigate your 3D creation

A beautiful well designed productivity tool from 3DConnexion.

Personal Experience… About 5 years ago I found myself as a 9 hour a day CAD/CAM jockey with only minutes through the day allocated for lunch and bathroom breaks. Sounds familiar?. At the end of each day I found my right hand hurting and getting numb from performing the daily tasks of mouse clicking edges, faces, rotate and other SolidWorks related commands through a day of cool CAD files. I knew I had to do something, this was my carrier and with 30+ years left in the working arena this could not be ignored. To my relief the help was just around the corner. With a $100 out of pocket I received an awesome new CAD friend Named SpaceNavigator from 3DConnexion.

Check out the new SpaceMouse from 3DConnexion.

When I 1st read about the 3D mouse being wireless I really thought no big deal, but after taking the new SpaceMouse for a test run I realized that I am a laptop guy that takes my CAD machine around with me daily. Then the price difference of $30 +/- seems well worth not having to plug and unplug since these devices seem to hang around your desk for awhile. On top of that the programmable buttons now have a “SolidWorks Mouse Gesture” like thing. This takes your two buttons and like quadruple them. Cooler than cool.

Conclusion… I am a big fan of these devices. They are very well built and the design is pleasant for the eyes, which should be important when located on a designers desk.

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