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Leaders Read#2

👋 Hello everyone,

Here are a couple of posts you might have missed:

  • Five mistakes we make when we're overwhelmed

  • Guide to make every meeting better

  • Book notes: The Art of War


📚 Book Summary:

This week's book is "Getting the Best from People" by Martha l. Finney.

You should read this book if you are looking for a book with 69 truths about leadership. This book has it all: Engagement, Culture, Motivation, Performance, Communication, and Teamwork. Short and sweet chapters that you can reference back to easily.

One of my favorite take away from the book is this:

"You lead better when you get off your pedestal. It means sharing your responsibilities with the team, and challenging them to step up and take more on both individually and as a team."


Actionable advice:

Truth 29: Engagement happens one person at a time. Make sure each of your team members understands that you are looking to get them more involved. And, then make sure you use active listening.


🧠 5 things I’m thinking about (September 29, 2023)

  1. I can't wait for AI to do my Expense Reports.

  2. Remember, when overwhelmed, priorities are missing.

  3. It is okay to agree to disagree, but still commit.

  4. In the big scheme of life, this task is not important.

  5. How do you plan for handing off your innovative projects.

Currently reading "Thinking, Fast and Slow" by D.Kahneman.

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