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Leaders Read#15

👋 Hello everyone,

Here are a couple of posts you might have missed:


📚 Book Summary:

This week's book is "The Adaptation Advantage" by Heather E. McGowan and Chris Shipley

You should read this book if you feel overwhelmed or anxious about your future in a fast-paced world where everything is about machine learning and AI. Yes, technologies are developing faster than ever, and you might have to tweak your mindset. The answer is getting comfortable with fast-learning, unlearning, and adaption.

One of my favorite take away from the book is this:

Organizations must shift from "scalable efficiency" to "scalable learning. Rather than optimizing for a specific production, our best work will be establishing the condition that enables continuous and continually shifting methods of value creation.

Humans will still be ahead of technology regarding problem-solving, leadership, collaboration, adaptability, empathy, and emotional intelligence.

✅ Actionable advice:

Why the optimism? Because the antidote to speed isn't slowness; it's learning and adapting. Do you remember what it was like to pack your lunch and prepare for the first day of a new school year? Those were exciting times in our childhood. Most everything about the days ahead was up in the air. Would we like the new teacher? Who would be in our class? What new subjects would be on the syllabus? Sure, there was anxiety, but there was also this one clear fact: the start of the new year was a clean slate. Imagine what it might be like to tackle each workday as if it were the first day of school but without the starchy new clothes. That idea—every day is a new learning day—is at the heart of the adaptation advantage. Individuals and organizations can best take in new data, read the situation, and pivot to a new opportunity. They are best prepared to respond to—and even embrace—continuous change.


🧠 5 things I’m thinking about (December 29, 2023)

1.How will we do enablement in 3-5 years

2.What content will work for the new team meeting format

3.Adding new book recommendations to LinkedIn

4.What were 2023 biggest challenges

5.Development and milestones for 2024

Reading "Outside Lies Magic" by John R. Stilgoe


Happy Reading & Happy New Year!

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