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How to cleanup that Solidworks toolbox of yours

Do you ever feel like the right side of your monitor looks like the Olympic opening ceremony? Honestly when was the last time you used a “nut” out of the Korean standard? Not that I have anything against my Canadian, Chinese, Korean, Mexican or Japanese friends(who ever you are) but you are taking up my work space.

Hiding these standards from showing up in your Design Library is easy. Start=> Solidworks 2009=> Solidworks Tools=> Toolbox Settings

Choose option 1.Select your hardware

Now you can un-check wich standards you want to hide

You can even open up each standard and check and un-check what you use, like if you only use British Standard Pins

When you are done you just hit save and your tree in the Design Library should be a little more organized.

So what next to clean? Your desk?

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