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Engineering Technology, The year 1997

We are on the third leg of the DE Desktop Engineering magazine inspired walk down CAD/CAM and engineering historie lane. Check out 1995 and/or 1996.

Dassault Systems acquires SolidWorks

A France company that was started Marcel Dassault, he invented a type of aircraft propeller used by the French army during World War I. As a Jew, he was deported to Buchenwald during World War II, refusing collaboration with the German aviation industry.

Alibre was founded

This CAD package has one major goal. To provide a quality product to a price that scares the competition.

ESI Group acquires Framasoft

ESI Group acquires Framasoft, a leading French software publisher and consulting company in mechanical simulation. At this point the ESI Group is already car companies like General Motors and Audi favorite simulation partner. Later down the road ESI Group and Dassualt System will partner up on the Airbus project.

Unigraphics Solutions started as a subsidary of EDS

Unigraphics has done some travel through the years. It changed it name to UGS in 2001 and was acquired by Siemens in 2007, where we now know it as NX.

What else… Microsoft becomes the worlds most valuable company valued at $261 billion dollars. Mars Pathfinder lands on the surface of Mars. Tiger Woods at 21 years old became the youngest ever golfer to win the Masters. Mike Tyson Bites Evander Holyfield’s ear during a match and is suspended from boxing.

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