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eDrawings…3 New features that could be game changers

1.eDrawings Argumented Reality… This really works! Being able to use your tablets or smart phone’s camera to place your 3D design in your current environment is not just cool looking, but great as a sales tool or to present to the customer how things really is going to look like in its real life setting. See SolidWorks Blog Post

2.eDrawings on iPhone and Android devices… Being fully supported and reasonably priced I think eDrawings have found a new comfortable home on your favorite mobile device. Awesome! Check out the SolidWorks Link

3.Bring Markups back from eDrawings into SolidWorks… This is one of my favorites! We can now bring markups back into our favorite design software, SolidWorks, and there by eliminating those scary brake downs in communication that no ones likes. 1)In eDrawings…Create your eDrawing Markup’s

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