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Don’t Trade Your Bandsaw For a Metal 3D Printer- 1 Minute Read

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Metalworking equipment,semi-auto bandsaw machine

Most of us believe that new technology replaces old. New CNC machine in, old Bridgeport out. But did you know that your old dusty bandsaw might become one of your most valuable machines next to a Metal 3D Printer? I did not.

I never realized how dependent Metal 3D Printing is on old technology. For example, Powder Metal 3D Printers are welding the part directly to the build plate. That means that in most cases you need a bandsaw or the more expensive Wire EDM process to separate the two. And, with the bandsaw method, I believe most of us can agree that a cleanup pass on the CNC or Bridgeport most likely is necessary.

This brings up another question: how are you going to hold onto the part for that cleanup pass? Most 3D Printed parts aren’t prismatic at all, rather the opposite. That question is for another day.

Of course, it is not only Metal 3D Printing that has to mix old vs. new technology. Take for example last week’s eye-opener:

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2 comentários

Cogent Dynamics
Cogent Dynamics
29 de nov. de 2022

i appreciate your awesome videos which are helping me, a 67year old newbie try to draw in Fusion360. Your website is fantastic and I am going to avoid it for the moment lest I fall into a rabbit hole which will scuttle that initial intent.

anyhow, thank you!


Cogent Dynamics Inc.

16 de jun. de 2023
Respondendo a

I'll second that. Except I'm a 74 year old. Learning new things at an older age is not easy (recall etc) but Lars has provided a legacy that will be referred to in many years to come. I also find this website refreshing clean and honest.

Greetings from down under

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