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Do something to change your manufacturing company


Solution could be: 1, Wide might be better than deep. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, instead embrase that you have people working for you, not robots. Start more projects in your company. With the same staff loosen the ropes, let them be creative, chances are they are more loyal than you give them credit.

2, Being present in the moment. Get engaged with teenagers. Hook up with the local BOCES or high-schools, trust that by you sharing your knowledge, you will learn something too.

3, Change shouldn’t be made for the change’s sake. Change should happen because you care enough to make a difference. For your company, your employee’s, co-workers and the world.

Most organizations go too slow. don’t just work, work to make a difference, that’s what matters. You have an option to reshuffle the deck. Make your work important and make it matter.


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