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SolidWorks Tutorial:Import Diagnostics… Link [Lars:My friend Alin Vargatu from Javelin does a fantastic job explaining this great SolidWorks tool] Ten Inspiring Quotes On Design and Creativity… Link [Lars:Simon Martin posted this great and fun article on one of my favorite website, Solidsmack ] Mastercam launches 2014 Innovator of the future competition… Link [Lars:I love getting the youth involved and their creativity going. High five to CNC Software for sponsoring this ] Full Size Lego Car running on air… Link [Lars:Most amazing video 🙂 Totally inspiring] Grabcad’s Top 5 Features you might have missed… Link [Lars:Known for the best CAD file sharing site Grabcad has more up their sleeve. Workbench is a feature you should check out if you haven’t yet]

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