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cadcamstuff corner

cadcamstuff corner

Rhino 5 Service Release 7 Available Link [Lars:With 25 saves before it stops working, I think I need to review the trial version soon]

Mastercam Swiss Expert 2013 on a Tsugami S-327 5-axis machine Link [Lars:I could watch cool Swiss style machining videos on youtube all day long]

3D Printer Buyer’s Guide Link [Lars:My friends at CAPINC providing a “What to consider when purchasing a 3D printer”]

SolidWorks User Group Network Link [Lars:I failed to meet with Bobby Moore at SolidWorks 2014 and thank him for this great video]

Gallery: The engineering of U.S. Olympic Sochi bobsleds Link [Lars:As seen at SolidWorks World. The SolidWorks designed bobsled]

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