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Are you ready to CAM inside Solidworks?

Did you hit the ground running when you jumped from the couch into 2009?, in the attempt to speed up your process and expand there marketed, CNC Software is officially on schedule to release “Mastercam inside Solidworks” in January/February what works pretty well along with Solidworks World in Orlando February 8th (You got a extra ticket?). I posted about this back in September 2008 in FBM Milling and Drilling (Part2)


It is a cool idea, and I am sure there is going to be happy costumers out there, but it do sound like it is going to have its limitations, and I am still curious to see how Mastercam requests for support from Solidworks is going to be handle, I know there have been some complications in the past, and how can you blame Solidworks if they are more focused on there own product than add-ons. This is could turn out to be something positive, Solidworks and Mastercam are in the same league in regards to there powers in CAD and CAM.

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