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2 Mastercam Users and 1 computer revisited

MastercamX3 added the feature to create customized icons in  MU1, this relates to a previous blog post I did back in November “2 Mastercam Users and 1 Computer”.

The new feature is activated through Start=>All Programs->MastercamX3=>Mastercam Launcher

The Mastercam Launcher is intended for resellers and Network administrators and gives you the option to make icons with different platforms, so if you have a WEDM guy he can only access Mastercam Wire, sadly Mastercam still write a lot of things directly to the registry that makes it unable to really customize things such as background color in the operator manager.

The thing that makes me stick with my previous blog post “2 Mastercam Users and 1 Computer” is the warning popping up every time you launch Mastercam.

It gets annoying.

It is often that people share computers on the shop floor, and I am a huge fan of people getting the freedom to add there own colors, shorthand-keys and menus , people look disappointed when you tell them they just have to find a color they both can live with.

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