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2 Mastercam Users and 1 Computer

So you work in a place where you have to share you Mastercam seat with another user, and he do not share very well? It is not uncommon especially in smaller machine shop, though that this trick is not fully customizable, it maybe stop a fight from breaking out. We are going to setup 2 icons on the desktop. We have in this example 2 users, Dora and Pete. Dora like her background purple and Pete like his gradient plus also he likes the grid turned on.

So basically all we have to do is making a new config file and tighten that into a shortcut on the desktop. 1) Go setting=>Configuration (Alt=F8) Then Start/Exit and then press the save button in bottom left corner.

2)Type the name you want to save your config as (look!Pete has already saved his).

So now we have two new named config files in our config folder in our Mastercam directory (In case you want to know where they are). 3)Last thing we need to do is make 2 shortcuts on the desktop, right mouse click and pick “Properties” and type the names in “”.

Try it, it might make the day less stressful.

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