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Win the Morning, Win the Day! Lessons from Sell It Like Serhant -2 minutes read.

I had not heard about Ryan Serhant until recently. Ryan is a million-dollar relator from New York City who also has a show on Bravo and a weekly Vlog on YouTube.

Ryan's book, "Sell It Like Serhant- How to sell more, earn more, and become the ultimate sales machine," is not just for salespeople. This book is full of practical self-improvements techniques, all helping you maximize your potential. And to quote Zig Ziglar, we are all somehow in sales. Sell like Serhant on Amazon

My notes and thoughts:

  • Finder, Keeper, Doer: Break your day into three chunks- Finder= Put your CEO hat on and think big picture for you and your team.- Keeper= Now follow up you Finder time by putting on your COO hat, and think about how you are going to execute the strategy.- Doer= Now get to work! This is the time where you are actually getting the work done.

  • Follow up, Follow through, Follow back: These three items should be non-negotiable time on your calendar- Follow up= Don't sit around and wait for people to take the initiative. Let them know that you are on top of things.- Follow through= You might hear your dad's voice here: If you said you were going to do it, Do it!- Follow back= Simply, don't let people forget who you are. You don't have to send a birthday card via mail (Though it would have a fantastic impact) Keep an eye here on LinkedIn and send your contact a Happy Birthday when you get notified.

6 Reasons you are not getting what you want:

  1. Failure to communicate

  2. You are replying, not responding

  3. Unrealistic expectations

  4. You don't know your shit

  5. Your approach is stale

  6. You are only focused on the money

Read this book, check out Ryan's YouTube Vlog; this is the hardest working salesman on the block!!

Read on, Lars

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