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The business of gratitude by Steven A. Littlefield

I finished this book January 2022. I recommend this book 6/10.

This is a quick little read about the power of sending physical "Thank You" cards and includes different templates for different occasions. The book could have a great impact if you are in the right business, such as high-value sales for the car industry, real-estate or mortgage loans, as the author is.

(I ended up sending 8 physical "Thank you" cards to a few close friends and my favorite authors who has had a great impact on my life)

Get your copy here.

My notes and thoughts:

  • God judges our insides, but people judge by our appearance and our behaviors. It takes less than seven seconds for a person to form an initial opinion about us, for good or bad. And we meet a lot of people.

  • Science has proven that the simple act of being grateful increases your own personal well-being. When you appreciate yourself and others, you become a little kinder, walk a little taller, and find that good things happens to you. The more gratitude you give, the more abundance you receive from the universe in an exponential way.

  • Think about it. What goes through your mind when you get a handwritten note?

    • I am important to this person

    • They appreciate me

    • My gift brought him/her joy

    • I am on their mind

    • They took time out of their day for me

    • They want to stay connected

  • What is a gratitude mindset? At its heart, a gratitude mindset is being present enough in the moment to find one thing to be grateful for. Right now, for example, the odds are good that you can see. You can hear. You can breathe. You can smell. You probably didn't sleep in a hospital last night. You have food in the fridge and a roof over your head. The list goes on and on.

  • No matter whom your note is for or why you're writing it, your message should always do 4 things. I call these the "fantastic 4" aspects of a great thank-you note: express genuine feeling, remind the reader where you met, mention something of interest, and create a call to action.

  • Here are a few starting phrases:

    • It was a pleasure to meet you...

    • I enjoyed your presentation on...

    • What a nice surprise to see you again at...

    • I am so glad that Joe recommended you...

    • So happy to hear your good news...

    • Congratulations on your much-deserved promotion!

  • You can achieve all the material wealth you want in life. But without people you live to share it with, none of it has meaning.

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