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Solidworks Sketch Blocks stuffed in your Design Library

Blocks are often used as a great place to store commonly used custom notes for drawings, but that is not the only block that rock, with Sketch blocks in Solidworks you can quickly decrease your design time to about half, and in 2009 it was made one step easier to grab you sketch and stuff it in that organized storing shed you call the Design Library.

Grab the things that repeats… If you find that part of your design repeats like the entrance side on a extrusion die, using sketch block will be a huge time saver with a drag and drop from the Design Library.

Keep your Design Library somewhat organized… Probably do not have to tell you that folders are for keeping order, if you are a new user do yourself a favor and go through the extra steps, you will for sure appreciate it in the long run. 1) Create new folder… 2)Name the new folder with something that actually makes sense… 3)+ equals “Add” to the library.

Get the information in there… Flying from the “Add to library” button on the right side of the screen to the “Add to library” Manager on the left side. 1)Add items to sketch blocks can either happen by you already have your sketch selected when hitting “Add to library” or as here selecting from the floating tree(Transparent). 2)Make sure you have the right folder selected or as you probably already have experienced in your years of computer use…. frustrating time will be wasted looking for that @$@#% file. 3)File name… 4)Green check mark, to tell our beloved design software that we yet again have found peace and completed a happy forever after task~Ok, I will stop~.

And there……..The End A pretty simple and handy function to throw repeatable sketches on the screen, and I should add that with a right click on the sketch block in the Design Tree you can explode it and bring it into a current sketch, and it will act like you also this time have spend time composing with lines and arc functions.

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