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Hinge Mate, I don't use hinges!

Well me either, but I sometimes do add toolbox components in a assembly and here this feature could safe you some time. By the way this is a SW2009 feature so if you have not upgraded, well why not?. There is a restriction to this feature, you can not mate your component to two different features, but since I have the feel that this hinges-mate went a little under the radar at the roll-outs and I wanted to also add Solidworks stuff to this block, I am hoping that if I’m not showing, then at least remind you of this feature, enough talk lets go.

1) A block with a counterbored and an a toolbox component.

2) Open the Mate menu as you normally would, but choose mechanical mates and then hinge.

3)Purple and green, so pretty colors, somehow I really would like to see mate do something similar to this hinges feature in the future, where you could pick 3 different sides and then execute on the green check mark.

4)No doubt this is easier, maybe something in works for better mates in the future? beware that in the feature tree under mates it does show “hinge”

So there was my 1st blog post strictly Solidworks related, not earth breaking I am aware, but hey gotta crawl before you can walk, right? so until next time, please stay tuned

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