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DraftSight, Could this be your best 2D solution?

If you are a regular SolidWorks forum, blog reader or possible talked to your reseller latly, you might already be familiar with this Dassault product named DraftSight…Anyways, we are going to spend the next few hundred words getting some of the details about this free 2D product.

What is DraftSight… DraftSight is a 2D tool that you can use to update and maintain your DWG and DXF files running Windows XP, Vista, 7 or Mac (Linux is supposedly on its way). The neat thing about DraftSight is that it is free for download… Free download for everyone!

Who is DraftSight… DraftSight is a program handed out by Dassault Systems, a 3D power house that provide roof over the heads of programs such as CATIA and SolidWorks. Actually DraftSight is going to be the replacment for the 2D-Editor that comes with SolidWorks from next year.

What has DraftSight to offer… DraftSight is a suppose to be a online community. With the free downloadable version your support and training tutorials are all thighed into, however it is also possible to purchase DraftSight Premium Service package, which is a bundle of services that makes it easier for companies with multiple users. This package also includes phone and email support plus a couple of other goodies.

Conclusion… So if you have about 147Mb available and see 2D geometry from time to time fly by your screen, it might be a vise to give this program a quick download and a serious test drive, start here DraftSight

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