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Creative Trespassing by Tania Katan - 1 minute read

I read this book in March 2020. How strongly I recommend this book 8/10.

This book will help you find your voice in a busy world.

I bought a copy of this book for my daughter, who is attending her second year in college as an art teacher. This book emphasizes to be different and bold.

Get Tania's secrets to be creative and innovative here.

My notes & thoughts:

  • Have the team share their own best and worst experiences as customers, and then have a debate where we need to improve.

  • Empathy has to be a core value.

  • Think about being more disruptive in your progress.

  • "When you grow lettuce, if it doesn't grow, you don't blame the lettuce"—you look for reasons it isn't doing well. Don't blame the person; blame the conditions.

  • A painter never paints so that he can deliver one big masterpiece. A painter paints to paint pictures every day forever. Don't ever work for one big promotion; work, every day, forever.

  • Bring your magic with you everywhere.

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