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Company of One: Why Staying Small Is the Next Big Thing for Business - 2 minute read

Your business doesn't have to become a massive operation. You can choose to succeed as one.

Paul Jarvis permits you to pursue a meaningful path, where you have control as an individual running a company of one. This book will give you the tips to adventure out on your own without adding the stress of being a freelancer or contractor. 

My thoughts and notes:

  • Too often, businesses forget about their current customers—the people who are already buying should be must important.

  • What can I do to make my business better instead of what I can do to make it bigger?

  • Take a look at your calendar, free up "working time." You own the time on your calendar— take responsibility.

  • Figure out your superpower and bring it to every meeting.

  • Want more business? Follow up should be mandatory with any customer.

  • Offer services first, like consulting hours, before creating a product.

  • Reply to comments and emails, because big companies can't compete with you on this.

  • Don't make $100 when you can make thousands over the years by doing customer relationships.

  • Don't spend six months writing a course, instead spend a few weeks and then update/upgrade based on feedback.

Enjoy your day!

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