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When you :-) The World smiles back

As they called it the last day of summer, it seems like a good time to sit down with a cold one, and take in the nice clean Western NY air a late Friday night in September.

On the Solidworks side things came and ended in Barcelona with the presentation of Soldiworks 2009, and my pat on the back that they where able to make 2009 SP0.0 available on the web site for download. I know that there have been a lot of debate on the release cycle of Solidworks, 12, 18, 24 months, and some people will say that there maintaining fee is do yearly, though Solidworks will defend that is not equal to a yearly release. I think that most of us users agree that we most of all want something that works, no matter if it is every 12 or 18 months……..24 month, well I have my reasons to think that is too long. Despite I do not sign the check around here, I am the one the boss is holding responsible when it comes to CAD/CAM, something that resellers seems to have a hard time understanding when I talk to them on the phone. For some reason they think that there 20 min demonstration was what made the owner sign the check……..get back to earth will-ya.

By the way am I the only one who think it is a little strange that I am sitting in September 2008 and using Solidworks 2009?

Mastercam X3 is loaded and running, I decided to apply to become a Beta tester, 1st of I realizing that if I want to become serious about blogging among other I need to know the software better, and after reporting 3 bugs in 3 days, (Where one is Solidworks related, and kinda pathetic) it kinda made sense for me to apply.

Well over all it was a good week and it is only getting better, my mom is coming on a 10 days visit from Denmark, The World smiles back

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