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What’s New CAMWorks 2011 Milling

(Stealing an explanation of AFR and MfgView from the CAMWorks help)

AFR When AFR is selected, CAMWorks analyzes the SolidWorks solid model and identifies two-dimensional prismatic and tapered wall machinable features. Except for changing the Strategy, these features cannot be edited. MfgView CAMWorks uses an alternative method to generate features and finds additional feature types not found by AFR. Non-hole features can be edited the same as interactively inserted features.

Mirror with Climb & Conventional Control… It is easy to mirror in CAMWorks and now you have the option to decide if you want climb or conventional on your copy. You are right…The year 2011 you should have that option, and that is why CAMWorks hands it to you.

Start Point Support of In-to-Out Optimization… For 2 Axis Milling operations the Optimize tab is handy for automated toolpath sorting to minimize tool travel from feature to feature. And now you got this feature enhanced so it is now possible to select a start hint for these methods of optimization.

Insert Multi-Surface Feature On Insert Setup… No doubt that CAMWorks missions is to give you the tools to quickly and easly add toolpaths to your solid model. This new feature should save you a good handful of mouse clicks on standard surface milling operations.

Insert Operation Command… Inserting new operation from the operation tree on already calculated features has always been a clever idea, however in the past the menus where a little confusing and not user friendly at all. 2011 dishes up some nice new refreshing menus here.

Contain/Avoid Areas for Single Point Operations… The Contain/Avoid feature is one of my favorites. It is easy sketching in SolidWorks, and with a few sketches you are controlling your toolpath areas. Having this handy option available for single point operations is not just nice, it is now a must.

Feedrate Changes without Toolpath Regeneration… Sure a nice touch that you don’t have to wait and struggle with toolpath regeneration every time you decide to change your feedrate or spindle speed.

VoluMill Highspeed Roughing… This is an option…an option you will have to pay $ for. This is something you should look into if you are doing a lot of material removal . I am planing on a dedicated post about this feature in the future, until then check out there website.

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