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Use your Solidworks file to verify in Mastercam

Got this question asked the other day, and thought maybe it would make it worth for someone if this one year old post got dusted off, and came back out in the sunlight.

If you import Solid models into Mastercam and you are not using them for verify, then you are missing on a cool feature, more than once this has saved me the hassle of re-programing a part because I forgot to drill a hole or clear a feature. 1st. picture is just a preview of the solid and stock display turned on.

Next step is to verify our program and save the *.STL file.

Now we need to setup the stock definition to use the saved STL file as stock, and turn Display on.

You will clearly see where the 2 pockets are machined and where stock still is remaining, my blue square is a typical example of me saying “oh yeah I need to clear the corners ;-)”.

Try it, it is pretty easy habit to get into and you can not have enough tricks up in your sleeve to get the job done right the 1st time.

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