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Tools to make your drawing spectacular in SolidWorks 2011

With everyday revolved around the 3D world it is kind of funny that when it comes down to actually manufacturing these 3D goodness we still hand out a detailed 2D drawing to the craftsman. A true detailed manufacturing drawing is a true piece of art, and yes it is all about the details. But less face it, these days when we have finished our 3D models the time portfolio is pretty much used up for our projects, and the time to make that fabulous detailed 2D print comes down to overtime. SolidWorks have added a couple of nice drawing features in there latest version of there CAD package. I think this is important! Not because users most likely are happy to pay maintenance for 2D drawing tools, but because that these tools might actually be the one’s that helps an upgrade being worthwhile, when it comes down to get all the necessary information to the manufacturing floor. Dimension Palette

Cosmetic Threads callouts are now editable Any improvement to Cosmetic Threads is pure enjoyable, and I am not trying to put the screw in motion to trash SolidWorks work on this subject. The fact is that our models works a lot better with this feature than of it was modeled up. So it is defiantly cool that we now can added these functions in a design table.

Conclusion… The 2D art is still a necessary tool, and I am glad that SolidWorks is continuing adding new features inside the .slddrw

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