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This is marketing by Seth Godin - 1 minute read

Finished June 2020. I recommend this book 8/10

Don't know Seth Godin? Seth Godin is a known marketing guru. You will find it difficult not to be inspired and walk away with something valuable from one of his books.

In my opinion, you should read this book if you are in marketing or a small business owner. Get your copy on Amazon here.

My notes & thoughts:

  • "People don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill bit; they want a hole. People don't want a hole; they want a bookshelf. People don't want a bookshelf; they want to clean up their books from their floor to feel better about themselves.

  • Be very clear on who the audience is.

  • Be very specific about what you want.

  • You don't want to try to change people's minds; you want to bend the story they already have excepted into your story.

  • You can measure direct marketing, but for brand marketing, you just have to be patient and let it play out.

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