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Solidworks and Mastercam should "trim" the menu and "extend" the help

Solidworks Extend Entities, You use it? Why?

I always recommend new users to spend some quality time getting the handle of the trim tool, it is a very powerful tool that can make work flow smooth when mastered, I just wish Solidworks would organize and maybe make there help files a little more in depth on this kind of topic.


Point is… These tools are as important to a CAD/CAM operator as a hammer is to a carpenter, it is great they can multi task, the point is not that people can not trim or extend there geometry, but that it sometimes takes a couple of tries because it is constructed as a hammer with 2 heads and help files that are not clear enough, could you imagine that a new user could read the help file once and actually from that point never was in doubt if “Power trim” or “Trim to closets” should be 1st. choice. What you think?

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