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Mastercam Post are asking you the questions

Having your post asking you questions as it is processing code, and either using the data to trigger other functions in the post or a little more down to earth as we are going to do today, inputting the programmers name in the post header is an easy way to assure that each program is earmarked with programmers name and not becoming a ghost program no one dare to run or modify.


Lets open up our mpmaster with our favorite editor…

Insert your personal string… The post processor can seems a little messy, but there is believe or not some order and I recommend you pick a clean area to add you stuff. The fact that I place mine above the “Error message” is not a coincidence, at anytime I need to find my string I can easily remember to search the keyword “Error” (Yep just one of those silly tricks). So lets go ahead and insert our line number 539 and 540 string and comment.

Question format… Searching through the post for the “Question format statement” you will see that the mpmaster post is already set up for 2 questions and I am going to insert “fq sprogna” as number 3 with the command asked by the post in between ” “.

pheader… The pheader is where the post processor gets all the different information it inputs in the beginning of our NC code such as file name, program number, date and it is also here we want to throw in our question.

Where is the answer… So the question is asked by the post processor, now we need to tell where we want it to stick it in our output, and I picked right underneath “Time”.

Conclusion… The Post asking questions is defiantly a fan favorite between programmers at my work place. You could also ask questions like program cycle times and/or information to setup guy about stock pickup etc. Tweaking your post to eliminate hand editing is most defiantly beneficial to the company in the long run, and adding bells like the post asking questions can only make the whole process more lean.

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