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Make The Change With Atomic Habits - 2 minute read

Looking for an easy, and yet impactful read? Want to take inventory of your day-to-day and make some changes? Dive into James Clear's book, Atomic Habits.

We all know about our good habits, and our significant other is probably a good source for our bad once. Bring all those to the surface, if you dare, and add this book to the mix. It is stuffed with practical information that is pulled from science, the professional sports world, and all kinds of great behavior analysis. Atomic Habits on Amazon

A handful of my notes and thoughts:

  • Habits are the beginning of an outcome, not the end. Make the habit that you put on your gym clothes instead of making the habit that you are working out.

  • Pay for automation. Spending the $9 to upgrade an app, like, Happy Scale, to automatically populate your weight to MyFitnessPal, can make for an easier healthy lifestyle.

  • Reward yourself. Every time you pass up the doughnuts in the breakroom, transfer $5 from your checking account to an individual savings account. Over time you could treat yourself to something special, like taking your spouse to the movies, or in my case, buy another guitar.

  • Keep the exercise machine in the bedroom. My wife and I had spoken about moving our elliptical from the bedroom to the newly created guestroom. But after reading Atomic Habits, I realized that as much as I hate having gym equipment in the bedroom, with it out of sight, it would be easy to bypass my daily workout.

This book is an excellent asset if you want to design habits that work for you rather than against you.

Have an awesome day! Sincerely, Lars

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