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Learn with Lean Analytics - 1 Minute read

Finished May 2020

I'm convinced that data will become the principal decision value in the future. I've seen people within Autodesk using data as their primary decision tool, and it's clear that when you have the data to back up your project, most people will support it.

This is an excellent book if you, like me, are starting from the beginning and are ready to explore the world of data analytics.

Here is your direct link for your convenience on the almighty Amazon

My notes and thoughts:

  • P14-Measure unique visitors can be a false comfort, it only shows how many people saw your page. Make sure your measurements are useful numbers.

  • P19-Consider measure “Customer complaint” to indicate a change of churn.

  • P28-A testing map for analytics.

  • P32-The lean canvas; A great way to layout a business plan.

  • P39-How to think like a data scientist.

  • P47-48 Your business path and the stickiness (Think about this)

  • P77-Today our conversion rate is flawed: someone can watch a video, but purchase from a partner.

  • P91-For Saas companies it’s all about stickiness.

  • P155-Focus on, empathy, stickiness, virality, revenue, scale.

  • P164-Customer interview plan.

  • P170-How do you know if the problem is really painful enough?

  • P202-You need to figure out if you should move to the next step in your business.

  • P208-Seven questions to ask yourself before building a feature.

  • P211-Build, measure, learn, plan.

  • P217-The minimum viable vision.

  • P219-Figure out several ways to monetize.

  • P230-Think about referrals.

  • P362-Start with consulting but be sure not to just get stuck there.

  • P391-Get executive buy-in when testing new ways. 

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