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Leaders Read#8

👋 Hello everyone,

This week's newsletter is coming from Las Vegas! Autodesk University starts tomorrow, if you are there—let's connect!

Have a great week!


📚 Book Summary:

This week's book is "Four Thousand Weeks" by Oliver Burkeman.

You should read this book if you are looking for your next productivity hack that will stop the endless flow of emails or help you finish your to-do list. Well, the book will not solve those problems, but it will make you realize that you are chasing your tail and that time constraint, as we think of it, is like a fish unaware of the water.

One of my favorite take away from the book is this:

"The art of creative neglect: Number one is to pay yourself first when it comes to time. If you try to find time for your most valued activities last, you'll be disappointed. Second, fix a hard number of things that you allow yourself to work on at any given time. Third, you need to learn how to start saying no to things you do want to do."

✅ Actionable advice:

Stop saying yes to everything. A coach suggested that his client should calculate the time of each task on his to-do list and then schedule it on his calendar. The client complained that the coach's system did not work; he did not have enough open slots on his calendar. The coach suggested that maybe the system was not broken, but there was too much on the client's to-do list.


🧠 5 things I’m thinking about (November 11, 2023)

1.A day of emphasizing with more listening.

2.The importance of leading up the chain of command.

3.Always too many meetings...until value is found.

4.Learning about the SCARF Model.

5.You can outwork what you think you are capable of.

Reading "Emotional Intelligence" by D.Goleman

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