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I Don’t Donate to Checkout Charities at the Grocery Store.

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

It is common in the US when, in line with your basket, the cashier asks, “Shall I add a donation of a dollar for Fill-in-the-blank charity?”

You can’t help feeling a little captive, stuck between candy aisles and conveyor belts. So, I came up with an idea; one that works for me.

Instead of donating casual change when buying milk, how about adding it all up and support something I am passionate about?…Manufacturing!

This is super simple! One young scholar who is pursuing the trade of manufacturing. You can do it too! Check out the two-minute

“There are no perfect charities, just as there are no perfect cars. But the imperfection of cars doesn’t keep us from buying one.” ~Seth Godin

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