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Call 911 my Hotkeys are on fire!! Part2

Alright, Part2, Mastercam Hotkeys. I could make a long list of things that I would like CNC Software to re-write or improve, and the “Operator Manager ” is defiantly somewhere where I have some wishes. But if you added a couple of Hotkeys to “Regenerate operations”, “Backplot” and “Verify” That might just make things a little better?

We gotta open Explore and locate our *.kmp file in the Mastercam Config file, and open it with something like Wordpad.

Scroll down to the bottom and add the lines circled in red. Then save and close the file (You should make a backup,”really?” well yeah you should”.

And BAM! you just added 1)”Verify”=Alt+F6, 2)”Backplot”=F6, 3)”Regen Selected Operations”=F7 4)”Regen Dirty Operations”=F8

That’s it, all I got on Hotkeys, hope it helps someone out there.

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